The Cleanseed innovations will generate productive, economic, environmental and social effects:

Economic and productive effects:

  1. Product quality improvement: Cleanseed will aid to improve the seed vegetable production quantity and quality in the Marche Region, by testing disease control strategies in both integrated and organic farming;
  2. The research in integrated pest management agriculture will concern the most widely grown seed bearing vegetable in the Marche region (onions, brassicas, carrots). The data from the experimented protection strategies in organic farming (discussed in the EIP-AGRI focus group “Organic farming”) will increase the production value, diversifying the supply and gaining a foothold in more demanding markets;
  3. Increase the farm profitability margins: the availability of better quality seeds will boost the demand for multiplication, with advantages in terms of extent of areas and profitability, for farms as well as for entire sector in the Marche region.

• Environmental and social effects:

  1. Consumers’ health safeguard: as a result of increased productivity with low environmental impact, due to rationalised control measures and organic farming;
  2. Environmental protection: tested low environmental impact treatment strategies aim at optimised quality production, while reducing the negative effects on the environment.